The TransAm Bike Race

The Trans America Bike Race is a test of determination, resourcefulness, and mental fortitude. Racers usually complete the race in 18-30 days and must find food, water, and shelter as they go – without the help of friends or family. This race is considered unsupported and anything that isn’t commercially available to all participants is strictly prohibited.

TABR Route Map

Each day can be unpredictable and present its own challenges; from McKenzie Pass, to 75mph winds in Kansas and pitbulls in Kentucky!
Since this is essentially a time trial; the first person to arrive at the finish – wins. This means that many racers typically ride 16-20 hours daily keeping sleep to the hallucinating bare minimum and consuming more ice cream, granola and Subway sandwiches than one would freely admit to (riding 200+ miles/day requires ~10,000 calories a day)!

IMG_20170421_182004560_HDRAccommodations consist of a bivy and sleeping bag on the ground in a secluded spot in the forest, behind a church, in a park, & on a picnic table or two. Hotels are nice, but it is prohibitively more expensive to stay in them more than a few times during the course of the race. Plus, if you are racing in this style of race then a warm, cozy bed could be to tempting to stay in when you know you should be on your bike and moving!


This is required viewing if you have any questions! Full movie on Netflix!