Who We Are

What’s there to say about us?! We are two people who have suffered devastating loss and through our grief are trying to do something good for those affected by lupus.

Keith and AubreyAubrey is a graduate of The Art Institute International Minnesota and works at Deluxe Corporation. When not busy at her 9 to 5, she enjoys yoga, dance, cycling, painting and drawing. Currently reading all things Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

Keith is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and works at St. John’s Hospital. When not busy working he is cycling…nonstop. Training for a 4,300 mile race takes some effort! Currently reading all things involving Sleep Debt/Deprivation Management and Endurance Cycling.

Both of us LOVE coffee! From espresso, french press, to pour over; as long as we have a good roast – it’s all good!

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