Cycling One Mile At A Time


The story of how my wife and I came to this endeavor is in this site. By now I hope you have seen the home page and read the synopsis of why I am taking part in the Trans-Am Bike Race this year. I have been curious about taking on a new challenge on the bike as I haven’t competed in any triathlon, running or cycling events for a couple years and that itch was there; it needed to be scratched.

.facebook_1520307894658A foot injury that left me with some ligament damage, severe neuropathy, and a Morton’s neuroma between my 2nd and 3rd rays inhibited me from running any longer. So I had taken to just cycling. The stiffness of a carbon sole and no impact didn’t cause any pressure or bother the nerve damage.

A number of years ago I had watched the documentary movie, Inspired to Ride, which follows a number of cyclists on their journey across the US in the inaugural race. That did it; I was hooked.

Yet job, family, and generally ‘adulting’ (gross) had to take priority. Yet my wife, Aubrey, was supportive and said we would find a way to make it happen. I was ecstatic. Finally, something to have focused training and compete in again! For a couple years it had just been riding lone wolf style. Which is how I prefer it. Though sometimes it’s nice to compete and challenge yourself.


cropped-mym_sm_profile_purple.jpgAfter some thought and talking logistics I realized just how selfish this adventure was. To me anyways. After all, between taking a leave from work, not being around my family, training non-stop and spending money we don’t have on gear and supply was at odds with my spirit. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a ton of intrinsic motivation and intangible rewards to such a crazy adventure. Challenging yourself, motivating yourself when it may seem nearly impossible to do, and finding out who you actually are; are just a few of those. But I needed to also have something that would benefit another, something to put this energy to good use that was outside of me and what I wanted from this event.

So Aubrey and I talked and we decided that there was no better idea than to raise money for lupus research and dedicate all that goes into competition to Vince. So here we are. At the beginning of something huge. At the start of taking on lupus and fighting for others in the name of Vincent C. Toensing. Cycling one mile at a time to raise money one mile at a time.

The challenge of fundraising and promotion of it in addition to training for ultra-cycling is huge and we want to make sure we do it right. Now through the race (and beyond) we will be documenting our journey and mission. We hope you join us, follow us and help us fight this terrible disease. 

Coming up I’ll be sharing what goes into training, the supplies and equipment needed and the sacrifices and fun it takes to get ready for the Trans Am Bike Race.

Till then, take care and thanks for joining us! – Keith Rahn



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