Cycling One Mile at a Time

Cycling to End Lupus is an awareness project designed by Keith and Aubrey Rahn to raise funds for lupus research; in partnership with the Make Your Mark program by Lupus Foundation of America.

Our first fundraiser in this effort is quite awesome & to self-admittedly; crazy! Having the TransAm Bike Race on his radar for a couple years now, Keith will be taking part in this 4,300 bike race across America on June 2nd, 2018.  Along with racing this solo and self-supported race we are going to raise funds for lupus research while Keith time trials across 10 states!

The Reason Why

20161018_182009Vincent C. Toensing, Aubrey’s brother, was diagnosed with lupus as a teenager at the age of 17 and died unexpectedly on Memorial Day, 2016 at the age of 38. He was a wonderful son, brother, father, husband, and friend.

The devastation his passing and this disease has created is overwhelming at times. Almost two years has past and everyone who knew Vince is still dealing with his untimely death in some manner. It’s strange how grief and mourning can come and go, sometimes within the same thought.


The Plan

Our goal is to raise a minimum $25,000 for lupus research.  This race across the country is 4,233 miles long which is the equivalent of ~$6.00 per mile to our goal. Our plan is to continue this fight long after the Trans Am Race is complete but what a way to start our project!

Here is how you can play an important role in helping us fight back against lupus. There are three ways you can do so. Follow us here, on our blog, and through our Facebook & Instagram (below), second; by donating to help defray the costs of racing a bike across the US. While it is our decision to do so we are hoping that you will help us complete our goal by donating to the cost side so Keith can at least have a dry bed and a hot shower once in awhile during this month long race.  The last and THE MOST IMPORTANT WAY is to show your support for lupus research and donate to the Vincent Toensing Cycling To End Lupus Fund.


We will be uploading video, writing on our blog, and showing you what we are doing to train and prep for such a large race plus the pursuit of our fundraising goals. Please view our site, see what the race is all about and donate to our cause! Thank you!

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